Welcome to my website.

The paintings in this gallery are some of my recent works, pretty much all in oils on board, which has become my medium of choice in resent years.

If there is a theme to my work this year it’s been the challenge of capturing the maximum amount of depth in the landscape, this is why beaches and seascapes feature heavily in my choice of subject. Also many of the paintings shown here were all but completed in one sitting. This Alla Prima method of working is thrilling and rewarding and induces an economic method of painting which I intend to build on in the future.




Born in Cambridgeshire, I studied art in Cambridge for a year before heading off to Manchester to complete a degree in Industrial Design & Engineering.

What followed has been an absorbing career designing consumer products for company’s all around the world. In the later years I become more closely linked to the audio industry.

Expressing myself in two dimensions has been daily process all my life. I see painting in oils as the ultimate form of that expression as oils have the depth and scope of no other media.

I guess you would call me a landscape painter, but in truth I find arresting subject matter everywhere.

Kieron Dunk Photo


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